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All our garments, without exception, are made from Organic Cotton. This is the essence of what buying a Crowear T-Shirt is.



We believe that fair trade and sustainable development are natural: respecting your skin with soft materials; respecting the men and women who make them with dignified working conditions; and respecting the world we live in by limiting our impact on the environment. For that reason CROWEAR has chosen to work only with suppliers and materials that adher to this philosophy, whether this be the cotton, the ink or the packaging.

Our wonderful visuals are printed using water-based inks by our partner, 100% eco-certified by the OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT and by the very serious GOTS 5.0 label.

We only use plastic free or recycled packaging.




Organic cotton is certified with strict guidelines. It is a natural, GMO-free fibre that uses less water than standard cotton. In addition, its production does not involve the use of chemicals (no fertilisers or pesticides) and encourages rotation of crops to keep soil healthier, more fertile and maintain humidity. Waste from the cotton ginning process is also recycled for the animal feed industry.


Organic cotton farming cycle 

Organic cotton uses biological fertilisers, like chicken or cow manure. And organic cotton farming keeps millions of pounds of chemicals out of the environment.

Here’s where organic cotton affects you. It’s possibly the cleanest cotton you can buy. An ongoing argument is that pesticides in other non-organic cotton can stay in the fabric, despite repeated washings. It’s still just a theory, but it’s something to perhaps consider if you’re prone to skin conditions or simply have sensitive skin. The organic industry is not only counting on this being the cotton of the future, they’re also using additional processing to add a little luxury. Because if you have sensitive skin, removing those little short strands through ring spinning and combing can help anyone not itch.

What does organic cotton feel like?


Women holding cotton close to bare skin


Unprocessed, it feels much like regular cotton. But with added treatments, such as being ringspun and combed, there’s no giving up softness or a smooth texture in the name of Mother Earth. She doesn’t want us to be itchy in a scratchy material either (visit our garments page for more on the different types of cotton).

Since organic cotton currently only makes up 1% of the cotton market, buying organic cotton supports a small-scale industry. It’s a small step but an important one if you’re feeling eco-friendly or just interested in a high quality cleaner cotton.



GOTS certification: 4 letters that change everything

GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard label. The strictest certification for textiles made from organic fibres. GOTS tracks the entire chain of production from farm to factory: from harvesting of the cotton, weaving of fibres, assembly of items, to the final product before printing. It certifies that Stanley/Stella cotton is GMO-free and is grown without the use of chemicals and is processed and dyed without using any banned toxic substances.

GOTS also ensures compliance with the labour standards of the International Labour Organisation throughout the chain of production.


OEKO-TEX: Trust your clothes with your eyes closed!

You can’t buy trust. It has to be earned. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifies the absence of harmful chemical substances in all our T-shirts thanks to the “Confidence in textile” label. An independent testing and certification system that ensures that all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products are processed in a way that prioritises:

  • The precautionary principle, which prohibits certain potentially harmful substances even where they are not (yet) legally banned 
  • The absence of chemical substances that are harmful to health and the environment 
  • A restriction on the lead content of dyes


PETA Certification

Our garment manufacturer (Stanley/Stella) is PETA certified. This means that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and pledge never to do so. On top of this, apparel is made from 100% vegan materials so you can be confident that no harm came to anyone during its creation.

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