Crowear comes to you from the depths of Manchester, world renowned for its fashion sense (yeah right) and music scene, like Paris on acid, without the accordeon and baguettes. Maybe you just wanna to fly, wanna to live, don't wanna to die, maybe you just wanna breathe… Maybe you care about the planet and the world we live in, maybe you just want a t-shirt, definitely maybe you have a sense of humour.

Crowear was setup as a limitless platform for expression, an oasis of creativity, free from the shackles of corporate bullsh*t and kind to our beautiful planet. We believe it's important to consider the environmental impact every action we take in our daily lives has, including buying clothes. You've come to the right place if doing the right thing matters to you, check out our sustainability page for more info on the positive effects of eco-friendly fashion.

Whether it be our unconventional clothing designs or the original art work created by @art__by__nad (IG), we hope you enjoyed the experience.

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